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Disease Issues

Lawn diseases are a common sight in yards. They can damage the plant and lower the overall aesthetic look of the grass. We specialize in disease prevention and curative treatments. The best way to prevent an outbreak is to maintain a healthy and vigorously growing lawn.  If the environmental conditions are too much for the grass and disease starts to creep in, we can recommend and provide a curative treatment.


Lime Applications


Adding lime to your lawn can be as essential as fertilizing it. Lime is a soil amendment which helps to raise the pH. Soils that have too low of a pH will inhibit the availability of nutrients. For every lawn that we take care of, we perform a free soil pH test and then recommend a lime application if it is necessary

Lawn Consultations

If you aren't sure of what your lawn needs, but you know you want better results, reach out to us for a free consultation. We will come out to your property and assess the state of the grass plus the environmental conditions. Based on your goals for your lawn and our assessment, we can provide you with a plan that will have your lawn looking great.

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