Lawn Care

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Lawn treatments - We do not apply the same 5 or 7 step plan to every lawn.  Every property is different and has distinct needs.  From our first visit, we will evaluate your lawn and develop a custom plan that will achieve the results you desire with a price that fits your budget.  We will help you to set up the right environment for your lawn to be healthy and beautiful.
Maintenance and repairs - Expert Lawn Care provides several types of renovations.  Aeration, seeding, and dethatching can work wonders when performed with our unique detail oriented processes.  Sod can be installed to immediately improve a struggling area or cover up an old stump hole.  We can find a remedy for just about any situation on your property.

If you prepay for your season long program, prior to April 1st, you will receive a 4% discount.  What a great deal!